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We’re here to help you find the perfect recovery package to meet your needs. 

We want you to leave feeling better than you did when you came in. 

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Benefits of Drip Therapy:

  • The safest and fastest way to deliver vital nutrients directly into circulation
  • Restore wellness and vitality in as little as 30 minutes
  • Increase energy, enhance immunity, and boost overall sense of health



I highly recommend using Restore. As an athlete, cryotherapy does wonders for speeding up my recovery time. The staff is fantastic, the facilities are top notch and always clean, and you are in and out in no time, feeling great! Give it a try!!





I was skeptical also, but with constant knee and ankle pain, I was willing to try it. I have had significantly decreased pain in both and will definitely keep it up. I love the energy it is giving me, well worth the cost.



Whether it be the compression or the cold, this has helped me recover faster and prepare better than anything else I’ve ever done between training runs and for races.


Have been on the fence for some time… Been dealing with joint pain ever since August of last year. After lots of pain and lying in fetal position, crying, my wife surprised me with a few sessions! Had my first session today and yeah, it’s super-duper cold! Felt AMAZING afterwards! Great staff. Don’t change a thing. Thanks.


Restore Cryotherapy Arbor Trails Plaza

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Restore Cryotherapy

4301 W. William Cannon Drive
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